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PJ power Choke worth the cost

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Power Jack Power Choke High Current Inductor 490uH 350A For Power Inverter DC AC…….. about $100

over the time I have collected some old transformers  from old UPS , they have two different type of winding , wonder if the heavy gage winding can provide the same protection as claimed by PJ, after all  PJ Choke looks like a toroid with heavy gage winding  with input and output.

<a href="/monthly_2022_12/DEC92BF1-CBB9-44FB-B751-41EE8C8F7CED.jpeg.d382b0180c69b18d19b3619bca4489bf.jpeg" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image" ><img data-fileid="2016" src="//" data-src="/monthly_2022_12/DEC92BF1-CBB9-44FB-B751-41EE8C8F7CED.thumb.jpeg.48b0ac4b4486dfcef8038d429dcace21.jpeg" data-ratio="133.45" width="562" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="DEC92BF1-CBB9-44FB-B751-41EE8C8F7CED.jpeg">

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I honestly don't know if they're worth it, or just another sales gimmick.

yes, they could possibly potentially "soft start" heavy inductive loads...but any huge choke is going to also "kick back".


The root cause of the issue is poor FET drive in the PJ inverters...and if a choke works as a Band-Aid, then great!

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Posted by: @lener
Power Jack Power Choke High Current Inductor 490uH 350A For Power Inverter DC AC…….. about $100

Buy one, test it, and let us know. I bought a smaller (50uh 20A)torroidal coil on Ebay and attached it to the L1 on my PJ which was running a 115V refrigerator. It seemed to allow the inverter to start the compressor easier.