Designed with your needs in mind

Here are a few things that make Genetry Solar unique

(besides being a family-owned small business)

Loads of Settings
Loads of Settings

Tired of the manufacturer deciding how the product is supposed to behave, and leaving you no say in the matter?

Off-grid systems are as unique as the people designing them. Don't let your inverter tell you how to build your system!

Genetry Solar inverters have hundreds of settings. All in plain text.

Listening To Customers
Listening To Customers

"Is there any way you can add a setting to disable the light on the power button?
It lights up the inside of my van when I'm trying to sleep at night."

Any other company would have said no.
"It's just one customer, after all."
(Or they'd have suggested duct tape.)

We said yes.

Easy Communication
Easy Communication

Genetry Solar inverters come with WiFi baked into the original design, not an aftermarket addon.

If you prefer physical connection, there is a hardwired electrically isolated communication port on Genetry Solar inverters for reading status and controlling the inverter.

U.S. design & support
U.S. design & support

We didn't just slap our name on an inverter we found online, then mark up the price just so you could buy it from us.

Instead, we designed our own inverter.
Every part. And wrote every line of code.

This means we can provide you with unparalleled support.

Universal Design

All GS inverters have Genetry Solar's very own "universal transformer."

Bought a 24v inverter, but now want to switch to 48v?

If you have a Genetry Solar inverter, it can be field rewired for the new voltage. You don't need to buy another inverter!

Contact us for more details!

Fans may need replaced. But those are a lot cheaper than the entire inverter!