Genetry Solar Lithium Balance Shunts



Frustrated by all of the Chinese battery balancers flooding the market with a maximum of 30mA (0.03A) balance current?  (The self-discharge/leakage current of large batteries can easily exceed this, rendering the balance completely useless.)

Looking for a simplistic yet highly expandable battery balancing product that can handle large off-grid Lithium-based battery banks in just about any (reasonable) battery bank size?

At Genetry Solar, we developed a simple yet very effective balancer that can pull up to 5.0A balance current if properly set up.

Features at a glance:

  • support Li-Ion (3.6v nominal; balance at 4.15v)

  • support LiFePo4 (3.2v nominal; balance at 3.55v)
  • Up to 5A balance current if properly configured, wired and heatsinked (PLEASE NOTE!)

  • Internal thermal protection and automatic overheat reset

  • Built-in LCD display on each unit, making a very simple system that can be checked literally at a glance. Displays monitored cell voltage, as well as balancer status.

  • Cascading serial output string allowing for software monitoring of cell voltages and balancer status (limit: ~200 units)

  • Top-balancing function

Note that these are a total-loss Lithium battery balancing solution. All excess power is converted into heat, and is not redistributed in the battery pack. These balancers generate a LOT of heat at full power; you will need a LARGE heatsink to mount these to!  They are thermally protected, however, and should not be damaged if they do overheat (though the battery cell likely will exceed safe voltage range if the balancers thermally trip).

Items NOT INCLUDED that you will need:

  • LARGE Heatsink(s). Biggest you can find. These little balance shunts generate a LOT of heat at full load!

  • TO-247 thermal pads / mica insulators

  • Cooling fans (if small heatsinks are used)

  • Wiring

  • Tools (soldering, etc.)

PLEASE NOTE: These balance shunts are NOT a “plug in and done solution.” There is a decent bit of assembly required, as well as solid electrical knowledge. If you are not familiar with electronics and batteries, these are not for you.


Detailed Genetry Solar Lithium Balance Shunt User Manual

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 0.5 in

3.55v (LiFePo4), 4.15v (Li-Ion)


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