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PowerJack 30000 watt LF PSW SP 2 stainless steel case delivery February 2023

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the shipping damage I have seen has been from the FedEx or UPS dropping it and when they added the brackets around the sensitive parts that cured most of that.... the only time I ever saw the toroid move in a shipped PowerJack was before you guys even started and it was the 1st heavy toroid sloppily shipped and weighed 160 plus pounds... they replaced that one years ago... Sean received that inverter back as the enameled aluminum toroid wires were scraped up and the case was beyond repair and boards etc. smashed...when he was working for PowerJack...

Styrofoam packing is routinely broken when trying to pad the extra heavy one cares to lift 100 plus pound packages.... if the box had really good handles and was properly balanced then the delivery people might have better ways to grab the boxes.... but they do not >>>> so it is kind of like wrestlng a greased pig....

harbor freight dollies are cheap ways and quick to spin them around ,,,, but inflation sometimes makes it cheaper to build your own dollies...

I bought a bunch of new Vevor 5 inch castor swiveling wheels for 4 buck each to move the heavy stuff and pallets are free wood...used carpet for padding is easy and free to pad the homemade dollies...

but I still think a thicker mounting pate would be a plus.... the other brackets above the toroid help to  stop some or all of the sway but a thicker mounting plate would be a plus...

UPS and FedEx just want to get that heavy thing down...

I have personally observed the delivery driver drop these heavy packages twice in my driveway.... no help for them...

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