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New 6K 12V version battery connections

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Posted by: @sid-genetry-solar
If you haven't had any issues with the Delta fans, that's great

I am using two AFB1212GHE on the PJ using your Wifi board been working since the day I got it since the PJ ones were junk  I have three spares right now.   Since they are only three wire not true PWM so I just set the max temp up higher and tested the voltage at the fan and it doesn't get above the max voltage spec of 12.8.  If you swapped to 4 wire PWM then I have a workaround ready with a 12V regulators to install.  I am using the spec for capacitor for them of 4.7μ.  Problem with these fans is they are hard to get, there other options similar though just don't want to switch until I have to.  I will take on the liability of fan failures, because I understand the limitations at play.

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