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how much load can be sustained without running the fan?

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My 24v Samlex inverter can sustain loads around 250 watts indefinitely without needing to run the fan, in a room with ambient temperature < 80f. When using it flat-out at 1500 watts, it still takes about an hour before it gets hot enough to run the fan for a couple minutes.

I'm curious what to expect with the Genetry. Is it possible to keep the fan off in that load range, or even higher?

One thing about the Samlex is it has a bit of a heat sink ridgeing on the outside case. Any good heat sink options for the Genetry?

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A lot of the smaller HF inverters (the Samlex is an HF inverter) bolt the FETs directly to the extruded aluminum chassis.  This provides a lot of intrinsic heatsinking/surface area for direct heat dissipation. 

The Genetry inverters are LF topology, which doesn't work with an extruded aluminum chassis (not strong enough), and it would be extremely difficult to mount the FETs to a chassis.

A GS6 should be able to run 250W continuously without the fans running much at all (they're temp controlled, and so can run quite slowly if necessary); at full 6,000W blast, the fans will be running pretty fast.