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Firmware Version 1.2r3 [Rev. C]

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This definitely makes a "short cycle" update....but when I learn of moderate-to-serious issues, I'd better be quick at fixin' them 😉.

Most of these were a result of tests/findings while at Sean's this last time.  I haven't personally heard of any customers experiencing issues with these issues--but that's why I'm putting this out there, so they don't!

  • redesign system code based around "obsoleted" functions.  I had seen the "deprecated function" declares in the compilation logs, but I figured that it had been "obsoleted", it would still function.  Only I went on to find that the deprecated function was actually uselessly gutted--but it wasn't causing compilation to fail.  This somewhat comically showed up on Sean's house inverter by the screen being flipped upside down every time he restarted it with 1.2r2; all of that has been fixed here in 1.2r3.
  • backed off the "DC Overvoltage" error threshold a bit; in testing, it's a bit too trigger-happy (now responds in 1/150th of a second).
  • add "Auto" command to ATS menu, to release "manual" control
  • tweak "Command" menu item visibilities due to changes resulting from "ATS Sync Disable" option (new in 1.2r2).  Adding ATS Sync Disable was a lot more involved than might outwardly be there were some unexpected side effects, such as not being able to switch back to AC Input if sync was disabled!  Fixed.


only for Rev. C boards at the moment--but mostly because that's what's going in all the new GS inverters!



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Just to let you know that I got the 1.2r3 update today. It worked without a glitch. Well done. Thanks.